Top Producers of Tomorrow

I want to show troubled teens that they do have a choice and they can be successful despite the hand they were dealt.

 Growing up, I was surrounded by gangs, drugs and violence. I felt I had no choices in life because I was dealt a bad hand.

Every day, I had to prove I was tough in order to sustain a reputation of intimidation and ruthlessness.

I became accustomed to watching people sell drugs, buy drugs and resort to violence and theft to make a living.  I also watched my friends overdose, go to jail, get shot and in some cases murdered.  I am amazed I am alive today.

So, what did it take to remove myself from this world?

It took just …

One person to care for me and give me hope for a better life.

One person to expose me to a larger world outside of my violent circumstances.

One person to teach me that I had opportunities and options.

One Person to save my life.

Because of that special person, I am now a successful business owner who lives to inspire and motivate other teens who feel as though they don’t have options. I can show that they can have a choice, they can have hope and they can be one of the leaders of tomorrow as opposed to a grim statistic.

It only takes One Person

Through my story, I motivate teens ages 13-18 years of age to see their options, to value themselves and have the confidence to live the life they dream of having.

I provide motivational speeches and workshops to schools, youth groups, or after-school programs.

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