Motivate your employees to their highest level of achievement.
Discover individual and organizational strengths.
Maximize full potential and achieve success.

The following 12 workshops are specifically crafted to increase the motivation, skill and confidence of any sales team.

  1. Selling Solutions and Benefits
  2. Interviewing the Customer; Smart Listening
  3. Present and Sell with Confidence
  4. Overcoming Objections
  5. Create Customer Loyalty and Follow Through
  6. Empowerment to Action
  7. Create a Successful Environment
  8. Identifying Strengths and Talents
  9. Teamwork Building
  10. Productivity and Setting Goals
  11. Leadership and Problem Solving
  12. Time Management and Creating Opportunities
  • Offered as a 1, 3, 6 or 12 month program

 Choose all 12 and your team will reap all of the following benefits:

  • Align management’s objectives with employees objectives to create a powerful impact and increased goal completion.
  • Discover the art of overcoming customer objectives by being equipped with an arsenal of non-confrontational closing techniques.
  • Incorporate a positive winning mental attitude to your customers and within your organization.
  • Maximize results by increasing synergy and productivity within the team.
  • Sell the intangible values as well as tangible values of the product.
  • Acquire the art of listening to the buying signals of your customers, which can increase sales, customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • and much more


Anthony is a gifted motivator and teacher.  Our employees found a tremendous amount of value in his training which produced results quickly. “ – Michael Gay, Metro Auto Group.


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