I will teach you my laser-focused strategy which helped me take a  product from zero to tens of thousands of dollars in 90 days.

 What is your current sales challenge?
  • Not sure which product is best to push?
  • Slump in Sales?
  • Complacency amongst your sales force?
  • New Product to take to the market?
  • Refresh an old product to take back to market?
  • Increased Objections?

A fresh perspective and new ideas from a sales trainer with extensive experience could be just what you need to boost your product!

Customized Sales Team Analysis:

A strategic partner can bring out the creativity in the team and assist them with time management, complacency, product understanding and confidence building.

Customized Product Analysis:

We will take an in-depth look into your products and:

  • Create selling scripts
  • Analyze current objections
  • Create new objections and overcome a customer’s ability to say “no”
  • Discover new selling strategies, features and benefits

Together, we will create the strategic game plan to execute your sales process and create a positive, healthy, and competitive environment so your sales thrive as your team dominates the market.

Anthony Camacho

Founder, Top Producer Factory

Benefits of the Challenge:

  • Strategically increase your odds of closing deals.
  • Focus on the goals that will bring you success.
  • Learn the art of listening to the buying signals of your customers to increase sales, customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Learn and implement the power of a positive attitude.
  • Creating a winning team that enjoys coming to work every day.
  • Enhance productivity of your team.
  • and much more!

This 3 month program is perfect for a sales team of 20-30 participants


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