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Anthony Camacho owns Top Producer Training Factory, a MOTIVATIONAL COACHING BUSINESS.

About Anthony Camacho

He also works for a consulting company that conducts business in 47 states in the U.S. and throughout the World!!!

He currently holds the position of Regional Sales Manager and is a Motivational Sales Coach.With 10 years of experience in his field, Mr. Camacho is known for his expertise in bringing new business to the table and closing deals. Daily, he is tasked with cold calling, generating new prospects, closing deals, and managing a sales team. He is highly skilled in taking and selling new products to market and developing relationships with his prospects and clients. He is also known as the HITMAN, for having the highest closing ratio of new accounts. “I am constantly looking for new and innovative ways to motivate and improve myself and my performance for my customers’

Camacho Coaching, was designed to “motivate” people to their highest level of achievement and to help discover individual’s strengths and talents to maximize their full potential. How does he do this? Mr. Camacho empowers positive action in people’s lives. He customizes a success breakthrough plan which identifies current situations, what the desired goals and achievements are, and identifies the barriers: limiting beliefs, interpretations, assumptions, and your inner critic. By overcoming these barriers, you will accomplish your goals and discover your game plan for success.

Mr. Camacho attributes his strong work ethic, perseverance, motivation and drive to the example of his grandfather and grandmother. For more than ten years he has been involved in his profession. He was the youngest franchise owner in the company. Single handedly his Franchise LAC INC generated over $700,000 in total revenue for 6 consecutive years. At age 28 He sold his business and now works for corporate. Through hard work and excellent job performance, recently at 32 years of age was promoted to Regional Sales Manager and became the youngest Regional Sales Manager in North America. He has recently been given the honor to run a new sales division in the company.

In the years ahead, Mr. Camacho will continue to expand his coaching and motivational services and help people reach their fullest potential. He wishes to continue successfully influencing, leading and inspiring others helping them achieve higher levels of success and confidence. He aims to create a “win, win” environment for any sales force ,individuals and customers.


Automotive Consulting

Regional Sales Manager

Sales Coach


Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching graduate

Certified Professional Coach

Energy Leadership Master Practitioner


Dale Carnegie graduate

Sales Advantage course

Leadership Training for Managers

Communication & Public Speaking


Warriors for Christ

Youth Ministry 10 years of Leadership


Conquer Fit

Boot Camp Instructor


KENPO Martial Arts

10 years of training